Here's a little bit about us...

We operate a total of 6 childcare centres

Our Brand Values


Providing flexible childcare service that offers tailored care in response to the needs of the parents and children attending our centres

Quality Care

Offering quality childcare by qualified and committed staff who cater to the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of young children

Easy Transitions

Our care facilitates the placement of children into their ideal age and developmental group and helps make the transition from home to nursery as smooth as possible

Social Values

Promoting the social values of understanding, tolerance, compassion, and mutual respect for others through communication, education and training

Individual Attention
Personalised care for children with additional needs including children with disabilities and specific cultural and religious requirements, considering the views of parents and specialists
Sense of Community

We value and nourish each child’s understanding and pride in being a part of a world where all people are equal and part of a larger community

Philosophy at Apex Childcare

Our Philosophy

At all Uniplural Childcare Centres, we recognise that each child is an individual with unique interests, capabilities, and aspirations. These qualities shall be nurtured in a healthy and safe environment, in which your child can develop physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. Our warm and caring environment will allow your child’s sense of autonomy, self-esteem, and self-discipline to shine through.

Furthermore, we believe in the value of human diversity, fair treatment, and equal opportunities for all. It is our aim to provide an environment that encourages the children to become creative, independent, responsible adults who can make decisions for themselves. We implement various activities and games to ensure children receive a holistic education. We also teach everyday practical skills to encourage autonomy. This helps make the transition to kindergarten easier for your child.

Home is the basis of society and thus the most important factor in a child’s development. We strive to support each family and its needs in order to promote the healthy development of both children and parents. Our loving, trusting and respectful environment will enable your child to love, trust and respect others. Our capable and caring child carers act as excellent role models for children attending our childcare centres.

We believe that we must all work together in order to meet the needs of each child.

We are a part of the Uniplural Group

With more than twenty years of experience in the health care sector, Uniplural Group Ltd is a one-stop-shop offering excellent holistic and professional services. Our services include Community Nursing, Care Giving, Home Help, Babysitting and Child Day Care.

Uniplural aims to deliver an outstanding care service, whereby clients are offered a sense of relief, assistance, and peace of mind. We strive to meet our client’s requirements wholly and provide the best for the communities we serve. 

Uniplural Childcare Centres’ aim to instil a love for learning to serve as a good foundation for the years ahead. Each child’s unique needs are recognised, and potentials nurtured. There is nothing more rewarding than allowing children to experience different learning opportunities that build success for life.

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