Your Child's First Day

Your little one's first day at a childcare centre is a huge step... luckily, we're here to help

Your child is almost ready to start childcare and below you will find some helpful information about what to expect on this very important first day!

At Uniplural, we appreciate and understand that starting childcare is a huge step in a child’s life – and that this applies equally to parents! Our aim is to make this a happy and exciting experience for everyone concerned and we can achieve this in various ways, with your help.

Follow this guide to be prepared! 🙂 

Here's what to bring with you

Childcare is lots of fun but is sometimes messy! So, don’t bring your child to school in their best clothes. Soft indoor shoes with rubber soles and without buckles are to be left at school, for comfort, hygiene and safety! Remember to bring a sun hat for sunny days. We have loads of toys and books for everyone so unless there is someone like a teddy that they just can’t be parted from right now, please leave special things at home.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that everything is labeled with your child's name.
Arriving and communicating

Your child’s keyworker will welcome you on your arrival and discuss with you any necessary details such as, whether or not he/she had a settled night/morning etc. Two way communication is a very vital part of our childcare routine, so please take this daily opportunity to update us on any aspect of your or your child’s wellbeing.

Leaving your child

We understand that this may be an emotional time for you at first, but please be assured that you are leaving your child in the best possible hands. If your child is old enough to understand, it is always best to prepare them in the days leading up to their first day, about what is going to happen. Always be sure to keep repeating that you will be coming back for them soon and that they are going to have lots of fun at school. 

For the first few days we suggest leaving your child for only a few hours at a time, during which you and the manager will be in constant contact about their progress. Should your child get a little upset, we will do our best to cuddle, comfort and distract them with toys, activities and crafts as best we can. If the carer feels that they have had enough for the day, we will contact you and call it a day. 

A plan of action will then be discussed for the following days until you and your child feel comfortable to attempt a full day at the nursery.

Keeping in touch

You are most welcome to call at any time throughout the day if you need further reassurance that your child is settled and happy. We generally find however, that first few days are much more traumatic for parents than for children.

Collecting your child

After a happy reunion with your child, the carer will give you a verbal update on your child’s activities, participation and progress. We also fill in a daily report each day which will be put in your child’s bag to keep you further updated about your child’s daily activities, eating habits, nappy changes etc. Parents/guardians are requested to inform staff if any other person who is not already listed on our registration form, is to collect their child. For security reasons ensure that the ID card number and necessary details are given.

Eating, sleeping and playing

Boys and girls have the right size tables and chairs where they sit together to eat their snacks and lunch prepared from home. We can keep food refrigerated and we can reheat in the microwave. We do not however prepare food ourselves, unless it’s our cooking activity day 🙂 Kindly always send food ready cooked, peeled, chopped, washed etc. After lunch we have ‘quiet time’ where the children can have a little sleep or read a book.

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