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"The best child care centre I highly recommend it! Clean environment and the carers are amazing with children."
Nedra Portelli
"I wish to thank all the staff for all their help and patience with my son Matthias and myself ☺️ in his first few days at the centre. You have all been great. Thanks so much. I really appreciate!"
Daniela Schembri
"Thanks for everything you did with Ayden 🙂 you are so sweet and dedicated. now he is ready to go to kindergarten Thanks to all that he had learned from you ☺ 5 stars"
Angie Parnis
"Dear Staff, Would like to thank each and everyone of you. You are such a wonderful team. It was bittersweet leaving with my daughter today. Thanks for your hard work. Ms. Bernardette, you where there all throughout her journey and Amber is so fond of you, she is going to miss you so much. She loves you all so much and will visit soon 🙂"
Christine D'Amato
"I am so happy I've found this place for my children. My mind is always at ease while I am at work. Carers are kind, passionate and work hard to ensure the kids are in a happy and safe environment. To all the team at Barney's, thanks from the heart ❤️"
Chanelle Vella Leone
"Thank You for taking good care of Liam since he was 11 months old. Not only he enjoyed coming, but he has learned a lot from all of the wonderful carers that have helped him out throughout the years. He will definitely miss you all..... ❤."
Janice Matthew
"Llum kienet l-ahhar gurnata ta lydon.. grazzi ta kull m'ghamiltu ma tifel tieghi. Hadtu hsieb ibni daqslikieku kien il- veru tifel taghkom. Nies dedikati mmens. Nirikomanda hafna. Mhux biss tifel tieghi ha jimisjakom. Imma anke jien.. one day nitawlilkom zgurr xxxxx keep up the good work."
Jomike Agius
"Had my daughter's birthday party here and all the guests spoke very highly of your venue. Keep it up and highly recommendable"
Karl Rizzo Naudi
"Very caring and professional dedicated staff. Would surely recommend it as my daughter loved going there. Thank you so much for everything."
Marionne Borg
"I highly recommend this childcare, beautiful environment and amazing and helpful carers! 👍 Our daughter Emily will surely miss you. Thanks ♥"
Lucianne Attard
"Thanks for all your hard work with Naray. She really enjoyed learning new rhymes and participating in different activities. I would recommend your Childcare to many other parents. Thanks to all the carers!"
Sandra Aquilina Miggiani
"It was a magical two and a half journey for our daughter at Magic Kingdom. She truely enjoyed every single day. The staff is so caring and goes well with babies and toddlers. We have so much nice memories to share with our daughter in the near future. Thank you so much for service. We highly recommend it."
Ann Marie Dingli
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