Policies and Procedures at our Childcare Centres

Ensuring the highest standard of early years education

Curriculum Content

We implement a set curriculum for each class which breaks down step by step, the activities the children will be doing each week. This is to ensure that they receive a holistic education through different games, activities, crafts, songs etc. We also keep in mind that we are dealing with young children so things may not always go according to plan and we adapt as need be.

By the time your child leaves us to start kindergarden they would have already been introduced to: colours, numbers, shapes, the alphabet etc, which are all taught in further detail at school. We also focus on everyday practical skills to encourage independence. All this will help to make the transition from nursery to kindergarden easier for your child.

Behaviour Guidance

There are a number of techniques for managing behaviour. Carers need to choose the one that suites the situation and child, and the one that can be applied by the care giver with confidence. Techniques include: distraction, compromise, reward and penalties, logical consequences, negotiation, arbitration, delegation of responsibilities, allowing children to settle conflicts, humour and time out. If time out is used as a behaviour strategy, the child will not be isolated. The child will sit and watch the acceptable behaviour of the group after the reason for the time out has been explained to him/her. Time outs will be no longer than 1 minute per calendar year of the child’s age.


We do our best to not only meet the standards set by the Department for Social Welfare, but to go over and above these standards. We take the necessary precautions to make sure your child’s safety is never compromised.

All our staff are fully qualified and have all taken Paediatric First Aid courses which are refreshed every few years. Our First Aid boxes are fully equipped with all the necessary contents and is easily available to all staff members.

Just a few more of the precautions we have taken are: only age appropriate toys are provided, all plugs and light switches are out of reach, gates for every room, cleaning products are locked up in a safe place, electrical systems and equipment are regularly checked and certified by an electrical engineer/licensed electrician, installed fire alarm, the floor of outdoor area has the appropriate soft flooring etc.

Collecting Your Child

Our premises are equipped with CCTV camera. The front door to our centre can only be opened by the manager/carers, after they have verified the identity of the person outside through our cameras. The entrance to our nursery is a waiting area. A locked door leads to the rest of the school, which again can only be opened by the manager or carers.

Upon registration, we will ask you to provide us with a list of people who are allowed to pick up your child. Should a situation arise where another person has to pick up your child, you will need to add their name on the registration form yourself. Any person who picks up a child for the first time has to show their ID Card so the carer can match this with the name on the list.

Data Protection

All records and development reports of each child are locked up in the office and are only available to the manager and carers on a need to know basis. A while after your child has left us to go to school, these documents are shredded.

Want more information?

Each of the above sections is a brief description of our Policies and Procedures. Please contact us on info@unipluralchildcare.com should you require further information.

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